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Wholesale The Blaster by The PowerHitter Co - Single Unit

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Smoke Anywhere. Anytime. Highlights Classic Smoking Tool with a Modern Design. Perfect for Sharing: Your Lips Never have to Touch it! Protects your Rolled Smoke from the Elements. Made in the USA. Based off the homemade 'power hitters' of the 70's, the Smoke-N-Bottle Blunt Blaster is the sexy, sleek and fully-functional evolution of a classic design. Smoke-N-Bottle might just be the best way to smoke your roll-up. Now, we're not knocking the other methods, but smoking out of the bottle instantly makes any smokable significantly smoother, and can actually SAVE you smoke, while you hit it. That's right. LESS OF YOUR ROLL-UP BURNS OFF INTO THE AIR... and containing smoke gives you more bang for your buck. Pretty badass. With the Blunt Blaster you don't touch your lips to it, so you can freely share with others and not worry about them getting any germs, spit or lip funk on it... We all have that one friend who ruins it. Sorry, buddy. On top of that, you can smoke in the RAIN and WIND... Hippie-out all you want! We love the outdoors and having a Blunt Blaster means you can smoke out in nature and worry less about the elements or burning down the lovely forest. All bottles are eco-friendly and made in the good ol' U.S.A.